LS-3 Fuselage Cover

LS-3 with fuselage cover

This is the prototype for the LS-3 fuselage.  It serves to protect the electronics and greatly improve the aesthetics of the LS-3.  It is a simple one piece plastic cover that fits over the LS-3 frame and is held in place with one screw.  In addition, the finger hold feature near the bow makes carrying the model easier and more comfortable.

LS-3 with fuselage cover

This design evolved through many possible forms which we narrowed down based on peoples' reactions to its appearance.  Some of the tested variations are shown in the pictures below. Eventually, the design was finalized and this prototype was built and tested.

LS-3 fuselage cover design sketches   LS-3 fuselage cover design sketches

So far the reaction has been very positive and production for sale is the next step.  The fuselage will be sold as an add on with the LS-3 kit at an estimated cost of $10-$15 each.  Keep checking here for updates to find out when it will become available.