LS-4: "Condor"

2 LS-4 models

The LS-4 is a sleek class III landyacht that is larger and faster than the popular LS-3.  It features a 60" wing mast rig standard and an asymmetric rear beam for generating down force, which helps keep all three wheels on the ground.  The result is an impressive model that is extremely fast and stable even in heavy wind conditions.  When the wind really kicks up the LS-4 can be sailed with the wing mast alone, a very quiet and impressive way to travel.  Like its smaller counterpart, the LS-4 uses composite wood construction to minimize weight and cost.  The result is a competitive class III model at a fraction of the cost of similar RC landyachts.  

More pictures of the LS-4 are posted in the photo gallery section. You can also see a 3D model of the LS-4 (thanks to Christopher Hubscher of Switzerland). To see the 3D model you need to install the viewer plug-in from and then click here to see the model. Some screen captures from Christopher's model are also shown in the photo gallery.

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